"...Right now I literally can't put into words how magically healing (the retreat) was for me... I just don't know where to start!!  I have come back lighter, still knowing I have tonnes of work to do on my self-love journey, but this retreat has pushed me in the right direction and has taught me so much.  Thank you for such an amazing week @thepriyamistry it's a trip I will forever remember!"

Sonia, Bali - Nov. '19

"How do you describe the indescribable?!...I leave this beautiful island today feeling truly happy and healed. @thepriyamistry brought together a group of incredible women from around the world who will now be friends for life.  We pushed ourselves physically and mentally, took time out of the world in silence, opened up to each other, laughed, cried, danced, ate insane food and drank healing juices, visited cultural sites and took part in spiritual practices.  I am so so thankful to Priya for giving me the opportunity to disconnect and reconnect to what is important in my life...invest in yourself, I'm so glad I did."

Sally, Bali - Nov. '19

"I had an amazing time with those beautiful women.  I miss them already.  It was emotional and challenging, like life is. Thank you for making this possible,@thepriyamistry @karisma_retreats"

Sarah, Bali - Nov. '19

"Thank you to @thepriyamistry @karisma_retreats for planning and delivering the perfect retreat experience.  To anyone wanting to explore Bali and treat themselves to an amazing time, book with Priya!  She is such a kind and beautiful soul, you would love to meet her."

Marjan, Bali - Nov. '19

"The Reset (workshop) was exactly that.  It was a fantastic way to start my New Year and New Decade.  Priya is a kind loving genuine soul even in the midst of her own health issues she was ever present offering a comforting word accompanied with fabulous educational yoga and life advice.  I'm so happy I met her and all the lovely legs and glutes are screaming...thanks, Priya much love."

Lorraine, Feb. '20

"I had the most amazing and uplifting experience this weekend attending Priya's yoga workshop 'The Reset'.  It was the perfect way to begin my 2020 journey - treating and pushing my body, mind and soul with yoga exercises, aromatherapy, reflective writing exercises, sound bowls and soundtracks that I still can't stop thinking about (Priya harnessed some of the most beautiful of nature's sounds - the rain and crashing waves).  I'm going to treasure this high that I'm on and make sure I take the time to care for myself through yoga and similar techniques...I look forward to attending more workshops, Priya."

Bettina, Feb. '20

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